Long live summer! Warm weather, blue skies, and the joy of spending time outdoors. Nothing beats the feeling of grabbing your tackle box, fishing pole, and cooler to head down to your favorite watering hole with the highly anticipated expectation of catching the “Big One”.

Some of us learned how to fish from a family member, best friend, or neighbor. Many of us learned how to fish from “The Sportsman’s Friend”, Harold Ensley. Harold had a knack for being able to bring the outdoors, indoors. Whether he was fishing with his kids or celebrities, everyone enjoyed Harold’s company. For 48 years we were inspired by Harold as he documented his great outdoor adventures.

Harold won numerous awards for his contributions in fishing, hunting, and broadcasting over the years. One of the most notable awards earned him the title: “World Champion of Freshwater Sport Fishing” by winning “The World Series of Freshwater Sport Fishing”: the first major fishing tournament by Sports Illustrated, in 1960.

Not only was Harold known for his fishing skills, but he was also known for his entrepreneurial spirit. He developed fishing poles, lures, jigs, and various fishing items through the years. What we at War Eagle Mill are most proud of is the seasoned coating mix he trusted us to make for him. Harold believed the Ensley Seasoned Coating Mix was the finest, tastiest seasoned mix there was, and we agree! This coating is great on any type of fish as well as all varieties of meats, fowl, seafood, and vegetables. A versatile, no fat, no sugar solution for your baked meals.

So, hang your “Gone Fishin” sign, grab your tackle box, fishing pole and head out to your favorite watering hole. You can catch us at War Eagle Creek just behind the Mill here in Rogers, Arkansas. The spillway coming off the creek makes for a nice fishing hole any time of the year. Be sure to stop by and say “Hi” and pick up your bag of Ensley Seasoned Coating Mix. We can’t wait to hear your fish tales about the ‘Big One” that got away! If you can’t make it to us, we can make it to you. Just click on the link to make your way to the Ensley Seasoned Coating Mix. Your taste buds will thank you!