The leaves are beginning to glow, and temperatures are dropping.  Baking season is finally upon us!

As we head into November many of us begin to research new recipes and ideas for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Others may begin pre-planning their holiday parties with friends and co-workers. There is no doubt this time of year fills our homes and our spirits with the smell and delight of homecooked dishes.

Regardless of what you are celebrating, we all have that one dish that someone makes that we look forward to each time we get together. It might be Aunt Liz’s coconut cake, Aunt Marci’s macaroni and cheese, or Uncle Morris’s gumbo. One thing for sure is there will be no leftovers.

Whatever the occasion, you have a dessert or dish that brings joy to the ones you share it with. This year, create a new tradition with your friends and family and preserve your prized recipes with the ones you love. So often cherished recipes get lost over generations. We look back and wish we had been more attentive when our grandmother made homemade biscuits from scratch, or we had written down the recipe to Mom’s cornbread dressing when she was preparing it for Thanksgiving.  This year give the gift of baking by writing your prized recipe down on a recipe card, piece of paper, or type it up and print it from your computer.

Think outside the recipe box! Recently while visiting a family member, I asked why she had a crab dip recipe framed and hanging on her kitchen wall. With a smile, her response was, this is my dad’s handwriting and his famous crab dip that he always took to every party he went to. I found this to be a creative yet inexpensive way to decorate her kitchen while also adding a personal touch from a man who meant so much to her.

They say the more the merrier so include the entire family and create a family recipe collection. Make it personal by creating a book that includes a picture of the person, a little autobiography about them, and their recipe. While a recipe can never replace you it can serve as a memory of you for years to come.

Don’t have a creative spirit, not to worry, we sell recipe cards and recipe collection books at our War Eagle Mill store in Rogers, AR. If you are new to cooking and have not perfected the perfect dessert or dish, we have you covered, just visit our recipe page at We have various recipes that complement our organic flours and mixes.