Undershot Mill

It is hard to choose the word that best describes the water that runs alongside War Eagle Mill. To many, it is known as War Eagle Creek or War Eagle River. It gets its start in Madison County and makes its way to Benton County before it deposits itself into Beaver Lake near Nob Hill east of Springdale.

For War Eagle Mill, it is an important source of water that allows us to run our undershot wheel for our grist mill. For others, it is a source of recreation but more importantly drinking water. The stream is a major tributary of Beaver Lake, the source for drinking water for most of Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas.

Fishermen are drawn to it as it is sure to deliver you the catch of the day. It is said that Small Mouth Bass, Bream, and Perch are a sure bet. At War Eagle Mill. fisherman line our banks daily casting off the spillway with hopes of reeling in the big one. If you are lucky enough to bring home a big catch, be sure to stop by War Eagle Mill to pick up our Ensley Seasoned Coating Mix to prepare your delicious catch!

Paddlers enjoy the scenic, clear water. There are tall bluffs that shadow over you and smaller bluffs that creep along the water’s side. You are sure to see local wildlife as you make your way along its rugged landscape. War Eagle River has been rated as Class 1 for paddling and is roughly six miles in length so first-time paddlers should have no problem navigating its waters. Paddlers can begin at Withrow State Park in Huntsville, AR. If you do not have a kayak or canoe, services are available at Withrow State Park but be sure to make a reservation in advance. The best time to paddle is March to mid-June when the region typically receives a fair amount of Spring showers.

If you enjoy hiking, there is the War Eagle Trail at Withrow State Park that works its way around the bluff line allowing you to see the valley and water below.

After your float or hike, be sure to stop by War Eagle Mill and fuel back up with a tasty meal from our café.  We also have snacks in our gift shop for your ride home. You can also learn more about War Eagle Mill history and our 18-foot cypress undershot (water runs under the wheel not over it) water wheel during your visit.

river running through war eagle mill