Bacon and Cheese Buckwheat Pancakes. Photographed by Jacob Farquharson

Bacon & Cheese Pancakes? Yes, please.

Some mornings, I’m not so sweet and my breakfast is the same way… today, it was savory! I decided, it was time to change up the ol’ traditional buttermilk pancakes with buckwheat pancakes, chopped up bacon, shredded cheese and diced green onions. All of the Mill’s pancake mixes have 2 or fewer grams of sugar per serving, […]

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It’s not Oatmeal, It’s Milletmeal!

I start every morning with a hearty whole grain breakfast. Sometimes in the form of pancakes or peanut butter toast but my specialty is Milletmeal. Yep, you read it right. It’s not Oatmeal, it’s Milletmeal! Never heard of it? Well, let Millie tell you more. Instead of cooking up oats, I cook up millet berries and swirl in cinnamon […]

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Cookies on a Stick!

Did you know July 20th is National Lollipop Day? How neat is that? I’ve always loved the hard candy lollipops that were as big as my head when I was a kid. Heck, some are still as big as my head! Learning about Lollipop Day got me and my Mill friend, Wes, in the kitchen diggin’ up our childhood memories and […]

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War Eagle Bridge, Rogers, Arkansas

Sunday Fun-day! Father’s Day Fishing Derby

Fishing the War Eagle Creek on Father’s Day made for a Sunday Fun-day at the Mill! The morning rain storm delayed the Father’s Day Fishing Derby but visitors didn’t mind. They enjoyed the warmth of the Mill, grabbed some organic goodies and filled their bellies with breakfast or the lunch special: BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. Even with a […]

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Time To ‘Unmarry’ Cornmeal & Cornbread.

Goodness Gracious! We’ve finally got White Corn millin’ away at the Ol’ Mill. I’m so happy, I could Kiss the Grits coming off the grindstones! Grits aren’t the only thing we are millin’ these days, but we are makin’ my favorite, white cornmeal. Sure, everyone knows that white cornmeal makes great cornbread but I’m ‘unmarrying’ […]

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Chef Remmi Packs Up Her Kitchen

It was great to spend the weekend with my new friend, Chef Remmi. She packed up her kitchen and came to Northwest Arkansas to visit and cook up some tasty dishes! First, she toured the Mill and tried the Bean Palace Restaurant’s famous cornbread (that she hears so much about). Then, she made her way […]

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May is for Silly-Yaks (Celiacs)!

I bet you didn’t know that May is Celiac (silly-yak) Disease Awareness Month? Now you do! If you haven’t heard of Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance, you’ve probably heard of eating gluten free. They go hand-in-hand. Celiac Disease is a genetic condition in which eating foods with gluten, a form of protein found in some grains (wheat, […]

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Crafts, Cornbread and Celebration

My Mill friends and I greeted Spring with wide open arms this weekend with plenty of tasty food, crafts and live music that echoed throughout the War Eagle Valley! All the sunshine and shades of green made it a perfect three day Spring Celebration at the War Eagle Mill. All day long, the Bean Palace Restaurant […]

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War Eagle Mill, Arkansas in the Fall

War Eagle Mill

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