A Hoppy Easter at the Mill

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I’m so glad I got to spend it at the Mill with all my young friends! The day was filled with a tasty ham lunch special in the Bean Palace Restaurant, lots of hugs and pictures with the Easter Bunny, colorful children’s crafts and of course a big […]

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My Kind of Granola!

I tell ya, Spring is finally springing up around the Ozarks and hints of green are surrounding the Mill. Even my Heron friend is back along the Creek for the daily lunch special: minos! Take a look at this cute little guy. Have you seen him while visiting the Mill? With spring in my step, I’m enjoying […]

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A Doggy Taste Test

I was taking my morning stroll through the War Eagle Valley the other day and was greeted with a bark by my neighbor’s Bluetick Coonhound through their picket fence. As I got closer, I started to talk to Bella (that’s her name) and asked her how her morning was going. She didn’t want much to […]

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Healthy Shopping 4 Kids

I just heard that the word “satisfaction” means confident acceptance of something dependable and true. I thought satisfaction was a plate of chewy brownies! So, I asked my War Eagle Mill buddies if we can honestly say we have something dependable and true….like truly organic products that are good for folks. Yep, they tell me, […]

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A Grand Ol’ Time at the Mill

The beautiful sounds of children, fiddles, flutes, and an Irish harp echoed throughout the Mill this past weekend. And of course, the delicious smell of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes filled the Bean Palace Restaurant. It was a Grand ol’ time! It was a delight to see the wee ones frolicking through the Mill to […]

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Wheel, fudge and a ‘Selfie’

Now that my precious Mill is open every day, I took advantage of this great weather, grabbed my hiking stick and walked over to get me some beans and cornbread. The view was so beautiful (without last week’s snow) that I had to take a picture. Take a look. As I reached the end of […]

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A Taste of Ireland

Did you know that this is the month of one of the best celebrations in the universe – St. Paddy’s Day? For those of you who aren’t familiar with Irish Music (poor souls), you can listen to this free music sample.  For the stalwart (and wise) among us, check out the largest gathering of traditional […]

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Join Me in Makin’ Red Bread

The Mill is beautiful with each season change. I know Spring is coming, cause I can feel my toes finally begin to thaw. Look at that Creek’s water…it’s as anxious to move as I am. So, I’m going to dust off the ol’ bread machine and give myself the palate pleasing experience of fresh bread with […]

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Say Hi To Millie!

I’m Baaaacckkkk! Just traveled the country and saw what people were cooking and baking. Ate my way through cities and small towns so I could bring back all kinds of good stuff to my friends at War Eagle Mill. Here I am, healthy, happy and ready to share. Take a taste of my Yummy Honey […]

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