Sweet potato biscuits

Sweet Potato Biscuits… Just in time for the Holiday!

Sweet potatoes are one of the many staples at my Thanksgiving table but instead of the usual casserole, I thought I’d offer it in biscuit form! Boy, did they turn out heavenly! With a sweeter taste and a beautiful orange color, I couldn’t stop at just one. I’m eager to share them with my family and friends and hear “mmmmm” all […]

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pumpkin cranberry and white chocolate chip cookies

Got Pumpkin?

Fall is pumpkin season! And I’ve picked plenty for cookin’ and using to make my famous  pumpkin cookies for the holiday season. There’s a lot going on in this cookie of mine. Not sure if it’s the pumpkin flavor, the tart cranberries or the sweetness of the white chocolate chips that I love most, but what […]

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Fishes made from pancake batter

Pancake Art… A squeeze of creation!

If you haven’t heard, Miss Millie’s got a creative side and it shines while I’m in the kitchen making something tasty with my little friends. The kids love my pancakes and for some reason, they love them even more when in the shape of fishes, turtles and flowers. Heck, I do too! Bring out your inner kid and stir […]

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crafts at fair

5 Good-To-Knows About the Craft Fair

Hey Friends! Fall is here and that means our Annual War Eagle Mill Fall Craft Fair is just around the corner. October 16-19th to be exact. I’m excited to see the thousands of faces that shop the hundreds of craft booths and walk through our Mill doors to shop, eat and listen to the live music coming from the […]

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beer and stout mixed

Grits + Rice = Tasty Beer?

Grits and rice, they make great side dishes, but using these ingredients in beer makin’? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Sure, we’ve all heard of brewing wheat and barley to make tasty adult beverages, but now adding organic grits and rice, that’s something new to Miss Millie. Our Mill neighbors, Steve and Carolyn Rehbock, came up with […]

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Easy No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal

Did you know that September is “Better Breakfast Month”? Well, now you do! It’s a month to remind us that every day should start with a better, healthier breakfast to keep us going strong all morning long. If today’s breakfast wasn’t so great, don’t beat yourself up, just plan to make tomorrow’s Better. Here’s an easy […]

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War Eagle Mill, Arkansas in the Fall

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