Delicious Double Berry Dip

A full day of school makes my little friends extra hungry when they get home. It’s not quite dinner time but their bellies are rumbling! Instead of letting them grab anything they can find (which is usually not so nutritious), I place a few strawberries and apple wedges on a plate and then whip up my Delicious Double Berry Dip! […]

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Protein Packed Mac & Cheese

Kids are taking the bus ride back to school and schedules are quickly filling up with sports, social activities and homework. Where does one pencil in a quick yet good-for-you dinner? Millie is here to help! Mac & Cheese is a kid favorite but doesn’t always have the nutrition the little ones need and tends to come with a mystery […]

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Double-Chocolate Blueberry Granola

When it comes to chocolate, it’s got the power to make every thing better. It can surprise a friend and turn her frown upside down, make an apology even sweeter, or become an easy fix to your latest baking boo-boo… just add a little chocolate, I say! Best of all, it makes it even easier to eat more whole grains and fruit. […]

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Craft Fair News: Become a Sponsor!

Got your calendars marked? October 15-18th is our annual War Eagle Mill Fall Craft Fair and we are excited for another year of beautiful hand-made crafts, fantastic live music, and of course, delicious food! Did you know that the Fair can bring in over 100,000 visitors to the War Eagle Valley? With this large of an […]

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Ensley Seasoned Summer Veggies

  This summer, I’ve had lots of luck catching fish! To celebrate, I’ve been inviting over my grandkids for a weekly fish fry. They love it when I bread the fish with Ensley Seasoned Coating Mix, so it got me thinking, what else could I season and get the grandkids to eat? How about vegetables? I sliced up some summer squash and […]

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Millie’s Famous Biscuit Pudding!

There’s nothing like warm biscuits and gravy OR buttermilk biscuits topped with home-made strawberry jam! But sometimes, there just isn’t enough mouths to eat a whole pan of biscuits and they start to dry out. Instead of tossing them, I crumble them up, add some milk, sugar and spice and make it into my famous Biscuit Pudding […]

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An American Celebration!

Freedom rang this past weekend as we celebrated America’s Independence Day at the Mill! We were grateful and fortunate to be able to enjoy America’s birthday with kids crafts, face painting, store sales and samples as well as delicious food! Crafts included bright sun catchers, beaded American flag pins as well as paper airplanes to have […]

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America’s Sweet Bread

Independence Day is coming up and Miss Millie is ready to grill out with friends and family! I’m showing off my red, white and blue with fresh strawberries and blueberries in a yummy treat I like to call: America’s Sweet Bread. No need for artificial coloring, natural berries add their own tasty patriotic pride. Give my delicious sweet bread a try […]

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